The City Green? Or the City Brown?

Proponents of the dog run for Astro Park claim that  "Two parks that use "wood chips" and are well used - to see what a the Lakeview dog park would be like - are Ohlone Dog Park in Berkeley, on Hearst Avenue just below Martin Luther King Boulevard; and Remington Park in Sausalito. Ohlone seems to replenish its wood chips on a faster schedule than Remington. Both parks are well used, as is Hardy, but are open to the sun and wind and elements."

So, we went to Ohlone dog park to see just what it looks like. We were excited to see this prime location.

So, fairly conclusive proof, then, that the green land of our beautiful park beside Lake Merritt would indeed become brown if it was covered in wood chips and used as a dog run.

There had been recent rain, creating some pools of standing muddy water in this almost-level lot. An unfortunate breeding ground for giardia bacteria.

It's unfortunate that it has seemed to be necessary to put up these signs inside the fence. Interesting to note the contrast between the green of the park outside the fence and the brown of the wood chipped dog run area.

A small reminder of what gets left behind. This had been left by a prior visitor to the dog run. Unfortunately the dog owner who was using the park during our visit did not clean it up.