Nocturnal Wanderings

The rules for the proposed dog run would keep it open until 10pm every day, summer and winter.

There are no plans to put in any additional lighting into the area; there are street lights at intervals around the far side of the overall park area, the lights point out towards the street. Dog run users would be expected to track down the feces of their off-leash dogs, on brown wood chips, and collect them and bring them to the disposal receptacles at the front of the dog run.

We took the following photos at 9:30pm at the end of March, after the onset of daylight savings. For more than half the year it would be at least as dark as this before "closing time" of 10pm.

Canon Powershot SD1000, no flash, 1 second exposure/Nexus One phone camera, unknown exposure

It's hard to capture the full feeling of a nocturne, which is why we offer up two photographs for comparison, taken within moments of each other and on different equipment. The "reality" of the experience is somewhere in between the two images offered here. Backlighting strong enough to pick up a silhouette, localized lighting insufficient to pick up divots and bumps in the ground surface.