How many dog parks can we walk to?

Is this plan for "the only dog park we can walk to"? No! Turns out, we already have quite a few choices! Oakland has had a bit of a spree of opening dog parks since 1998... some of the latest opened just a couple of months ago so are almost "brand new" and many Oakland dog owners don't seem to know about them at all (based on our visits when these comparatively spacious parks are well-nigh empty at "popular" times like 5:30pm).

Here we offer walking directions from the Astro Park boundary to various dog parks (click the links to see the way to go on-foot or on-paw). We've also given directions and distances from Childrens Fairyland, for the Adams Point people in Nancy Nadel's constituency.

Of course for those with cars there's an even greater range of dog parks available, from mega to huge! Check them all out at's map of East Bay Parks.

Park Location Opened Distance from Astro Park Distance from Childrens Fairyland Fee
Mosswood 3612 Webster St Nov 2007 1.5 mile walk 1.2 mile walk Free
Grove Shafter 36th St & MLK Nov 2010 2.1 mile walk 1.5 mile walk Free
Jefferson Sq 7th & Jefferson Fall 2010 2.2 mile walk 1.6 mile walk Free
Hardy 491 Hardy St @ Claremont 2006 or earlier 2.7 mile walk 2.6 mile walk Free
Linda Linda Ave & Sunnyside, Piedmont 2004 or earlier 0.9 mile walk 1.4 mile walk $37-$68* per year
Bushy Dell Creek Wildwood Ave & Prospect Rd, Piedmont Unknown 1.1 mile walk 1.9 mile walk $37-$68* per year
Dracena 130 Dracena Ave, Piedmont Unknown 1.5 mile walk 2.2 mile walk $37-$68* per year
*Piedmont annual off-leash dog license for non-residents also allows use at Blair Park/Moraga Ave. Higher price is for "unaltered" dogs.
Also in Oakland (not walking distance): Joaquim Miller opened Nov 2006
Also nearby: Alameda

A word about Piedmont: where is this city? Well, if you've been to the awesome Ace Hardware on Grand Avenue (that one just past the Safeway), you were standing in it. Yes, Ace is *in* Piedmont. Not so far away, right? And Linda Park dog park is just a couple of blocks away from there. Who knew? Yes, if you can walk to Ace to get a hook, a jar or that little fiddly thing you need to replace the one that broke - yes, you can most likely walk to Linda Park too.