Our park today, in pictures

Early April 2011. It's a sunny evening, and everybody is out enjoying Astro Park. Playing soccer, picnicking on the grass. Beautiful!

Views over Astro Park from MacArthur Boulevard, showing how beautiful the space is in the evening light:

[Want to check out what it looked like in rainy March? See the swamp romp.]

Playing soccer, Feb 27th 2011:

When asked about what they knew of the plans for a dog run in this space, the soccer players were incredulous, shaking their heads and asking, "wait, WHY do they want to put a dog park here?"

Playing volleyball while people walk by... Feb 26th 2011

Peaceful view from the corner of Macarthur and Lakeshore on a quiet day for traffic!

Want to see what the park looks like at 9:30pm on an early April evening?