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The Media Takes Notice! Astro Park in the News!

posted Mar 16, 2011, 9:01 PM by Grace Webber   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 12:03 AM ]
On 5th April Angela Woodall of the Oakland Tribune joins in, after talking with ODOG: ... she points out that Oakland dog owners "...could go to any of the other five dog-friendly parks in Oakland, including Mosswood, Hardy and Grove Shafter". Commenters lament the idea that Oakland would consider a loss of open space to fencing. Opportunity to read the article and the comments, and make a comment yourself at the article itself.

Nate Saltenrich of the East Bay Express has a follow up to the community meeting with his article at

A short excerpt: "
multiple speakers on the yay side had this to say: "This is the best possible location for a dog park on Lake Merritt." And multiple speakers on the nay side countered with: "This is the worst possible location for a dog park on Lake Merritt." You get the idea. And that was only the beginning. Some contended that the park's small size (21,000 square feet) was perfect for the busy location. Others argued that this was one of the proposed park's greatest flaws, offering insufficient space for larger dogs and potentially leading to conflict among dogs and owners." - but head over for yourself to the article to read the whole story and add your comments.

Chip Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle also came to the meeting, and has his take at He is a fan of putting the dog run in at that location. However, he mentions that Oakland has more than 100 city parks (can't we find a better one for a dog run, then?) and notes that "Comments made at a public meeting this week at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church hall show that people are divided right down the middle on the issue."  Furthermore, "Some residents complained that homeowners' groups weren't properly notified, while others lamented the loss of open space and asked for an ironclad maintenance plan. There are no city funds allocated to maintain the site." Again, whole story and comments at the article.

In earlier news...

Nate Saltenrich of the East Bay Express has an article up:

'Planned for the northeastern corner of Lakeside Park, where MacArthur Boulevard and Lakeshore Avenue meet, the 21,000-square-foot run would occupy one of the most visible and highly trafficked intersections in the city. It would also require a portion of a popular playing field to be fenced off and covered with wood chips.' says Nate.

Nate's well-balanced article covers all angles. 'Opponents are concerned that the dog run could introduce unpleasant odors into a highly public area. They fear that a large concentration of canines in one space could pose a safety threat to toddlers and small children at the playground. And they worry that the already busy neighborhood would be unable to accommodate an increased demand for parking.'

Emily Rosenberg of ODOG is quoted in the article: 'Still, Rosenberg concedes that the busy location may not be entirely ideal. "We did have many other choices that the dog owners might've preferred, but this is all the city gave us," she said. "This is a compromise all around."'

...and from Pat Kernighan, Councilmember for District 2: '"Kernighan, whose district is adjacent to the proposed dog park's border, says she's concerned that constituents were not adequately consulted during the ten-year planning process. "In retrospect, it's clear that the planning was done by an energetic and well-intentioned group of people, but there was not very much outreach to the broader community about it," she said. Since inviting residents to e-mail her their opinions in late February, she's received hundreds of responses, she said, with opponents initially outnumbering proponents by a wide margin.'

Go and read the whole article, and make your own comment if you feel moved to do so, at