Resources for Dogs and Owners

It’s legal – and lovely – to walk a dog around the lake.
The bright green route is the legal dog-walking path around the lake for dogs on-leash. It uses the sidewalks beside the road, many of which were widened recently with Measure DD funds.

Legal dog-walking sidewalks around Lake Merritt

There are several off-leash dog parks nearby

  • Oakland (with ODOG help) opened 4 new dog parks since the Lake Merritt Master Plan process started: Joaquin Miller, Mosswood, Grove Shafter and Jefferson Park.
  • There are also 4 off-leash areas near the Lake in Piedmont (starting just a mile away), that cost an Oaklander just $37 for a full year’s use of all 4 of them: Linda Park (that one is 2 blocks beyond Grand Lake Ace), Piedmont Park, Dracena Quarry and Blair Park. 

…and many more a little further away:

  • huge spaces in the hills (Redwood Park and EBRPD parks)
  • and at the bay (Alameda, Point Isabel, Cesar Chavez).

Other nearby dog

And what’s more there’s a better alternative location right at the Lake:

The Police Horse Stables – already fenced off, with a history of dogs and horses, and a set of gates that are currently locked shut. Let’s open it up to use.

Situated the other side of a 10+ft high fence that protects the back of Fairyland, atop a knoll with gorgeous lake views and trees for shade, this could make a lovely dog park with far fewer use conflicts than at Astro Park.

Police Horse Stables view

We proposed this site in concept and were told that until the Astro Park decision is final (one way or the other), no one will consider working with us on developing the proposal. We believe there are reasonable accommodations that can be made for Childrens Fairyland, the ADA, and other objections that have been raised, once we get moving on this. We look forward to doing so with renewed energy soon.

If that proposal hits a solid obstacle, let’s think outside the box. How about the Kaiser Auditorium parking lot? Disused school yards? Partnering with Caltrans to use surplus land? Something new and big out by the Bay? …