Dog run proposal as presented to PRAC

The proposal presented to the Oakland Parks and Recreations Advisory Commission (PRAC) in December 2010 by Councilmember Nancy Nadel is the most detailed document we have been able to obtain showing the plans for the park. For easy reference, we have retyped the entire text of the dog run proposal as presented to PRAC, below. The attachment has the original PDF so you can compare for accuracy. The PDF also shows the figures: the fence and landscape design plans. In the PDF you will need to scroll past the other item on the PRAC agenda which related to trees in another part of Oakland.




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DATE:        DECEMBER 8, 2010




Since 2009, volunteers of the Oakland Dog Owners Group (ODOG) have been working on a redesign of an off-leash dog play area at Lakeview Park in conjunction with the Public Works Agency (PWA), the Office of Parks and Recreation (OPR), and my office (City Council, District 3). We are requesting Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (PRAC) approval of the dog play area redesign, including a landscape and irrigation plans. The Lakeview Dog Play Area will enclose the corner of the park bordered by MacArthur Blvd to the north and Lakeshore Ave to the southeast. The long-awaited dog play area will contain separate off-leash areas for large and small dogs to exercise and socialize.


Funding is available for the Lakeview Dog Play Area in the amounts of $21,000 from the Public Works Agency’s Capital Reserves Fund, $10,000 from Council District 3 carry-forward Pay-Go funds, $2,000 from Council District 2, and $2,000 from At-Large Council office, for a total of $35,000. ODOG and my office will work together to seek additional resources, including gifts of services and materials for the construction of the dog play area. ODOG will also seek sustainable resources for operation and maintenance, including the organization of a volunteer program. With the addition of the dog play area, supplementary maintenance to the Lakeview Park by City staff will only include waste removal, application of wood chip cover, and graffiti abatement on dog park signage.


The Lakeview Dog Play Area was included in the Lake Merritt Park Master Plan, which was accepted by the Oakland City Council in July 2002, and in the Adams Point Urban Design Plan, submitted to the City of Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency in December 2002. The development of both these plans included extensive public review and comment. Both of the plans included graphic exhibits showing the dog play area in the location adjacent to MacArthur Boulevard where it is currently proposed.

The creation of a dog play area in the Lake Merritt area was identified as an unmet community need by the Northlake Neighborhood Group (NLNG) in 1998. In 1999, volunteers from ODOG and the NLNG collected 740 petition signatures of residents in the Lake Merritt area, supporting the creation of a dog play area near Lake Merritt. Important factors in selecting a possible location for the dog park included adequate distance from the wildlife sanctuary and low impact on other park user groups and the surrounding community. NLNG met with my office to discuss the dog play area project in December 2001. Councilmembers Chang and Wan held a public meeting on behalf of the dog play area in February 2004. At that time Councilmember Chang offered $20,000 for the dog play area but the City was not able to commit to building it in time to accept the funds. Thus, Councilmember Chang’s funds were used to create the Joaquin Miller dog play area.

Public meetings for the Lakeview Dog Park were also held on November 7, 2005, and on June 29, 2006, and community input from those meetings was incorporated into the design. The meetings were sponsored by Councilmember Nancy Nadel and community outreach was extensive. The needs of other user groups in Lakeview Park, including tot-lot users and soccer players have been addressed in the plans.

In July 2006, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission gave one-year probationary support for the construction of a dog play area at Lakeview Park. The creation of the dog play area was conditional upon approval by the City Council to amend the Oakland Municipal Code, Title 6, Chapter 6.04, Article 6.04.080 to include the Lakeview Dog Play Area as an off-leash dog play area in the exempted list of such parks. Unfortunately, the project stalled before the Public Works Department could approve the final design. The delay was in part due to the larger scope of the original dog play area project, which would have required several hundred thousand dollars to construct.

For the past 18 months, volunteers, including design and landscape architects, have worked diligently to scale back the project to meet the City’s resource constraints while still fulfilling the design and maintenance requirements of the City. Extensive discussions took place between volunteers and City staff from PWA, OPR and ADA programs. ODOG also presented to and received approval from the Adam’s Point Action Council (APAC) in October 2009. Additionally, my office continues to receive frequent constituent calls and emails requesting a dog play area in this area.


To enclose/fence a section of the Lakeview Park for use as an off-lease [sic] dog play area for dogs to exercise, and for both dogs and their guardians to socialize.

Specific elements of the project include:

  • Separate play areas for large and small dogs
  • Fencing to enclose the dog play area, which will be 21,300 sq. ft. total in area. The fence fully separates those on the inside from those on the outside without imposing unnecessary visual impact on the park
  • Double gate entries that are ADA accessible with supply vehicle access
  • Concrete mow-band around 2/3 of the fence to provide easy access for lawn maintenance
  • Two in-ground waste receptacles
  • Wood chips to provide the ground cover
  • Tree planting between the fence line and MacArthur

To be determined is whether the project will incorporate Option A or Option B, as described below:

Option A:

Black 4’ chain link fencing (waist height) and vine plantings at the fence line

Option B:

5’ fencing product similar to Ameristar’s Montage Plus Majestic fence recently installed at the Jefferson Square Park Dog Play Area and no vine plantings at the fence line

The Lakeview Dog Play Area will enclose the corner of the park bordered by MacArthur Blvd to the north and Lakeshore Ave to the southeast. The dog play area will utilize an area of the park that is under-utilized and where no structures currently exist. Construction of the project will utilize approved on-call Public Works contractors when possible and will go out for bids if elements of the construction require contractors outside of the Public Works on-call list.


We are excited that this project can now move forward with a scaled-down plan that is suitable for the limited financial resource of the City while meeting the design requirements of the Public Works Agency and the Office of Parks and Recreation. Our constituents have been persistent and vocal in advocating for a dog play area near Lake Merritt where many residents and their dogs live in apartments or condominiums with no yard space. Evidence at the City’s other dog play areas also show that dog play areas provide a physical space for members of the community to socialize in addition to the benefit afforded to the dogs themselves in the form of exercise. Furthermore, dog play areas require minimum management and maintenance compared to other parks and recreation facilities.

Our office will submit a request to the City Council to amend the Oakland Municipal Code to include the Lakeview Dog Play Area as an off-leash dog play area. Operation of the Lakeview Dog Play Area will also require a stewardship agreement with ODOG for ongoing stewardship.

The following regulations will govern the use of the Lakeview Dog Play area:

  • Dog owners must clean up after their dogs immediately. Always bring a plastic bag
  • Limit three dogs per adult
  • Small dog area for dogs under 25 pounds and elderly dogs
  • Dogs must be leashed to and from fenced area
  • Adult handler must be in fenced area with dog at all times
  • Keep dogs in sight and maintain voice control
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs must be licensed and have all required shots
  • No dogs under four months of age
  • No dogs in heat
  • Dogs showing repeated aggressive behavior must be [sic] leave the park immediately
  • No spiked or pinched collars
  • No smoking or eating
  • Excessive barking must be controlled
  • Dog owners shall observe all rules posted in the dog play area


The working group has included the City of Oakland’s Association of Disabled Americans office to ensure the design for the facilities are accessible including accessible path of travel, and gate and landing access.


I recommend that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission approved [sic] the revised Lakeview Park Dog Play Area design.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Nadel

Attachments: Dog Play Area Design
Landscape Design


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