How you can get involved

1. Go and visit Astro Park! Walk the land, take a look at where the planned dog run will be if we don't Save Astro Park. Be informed!

2. Write to the Councilmembers. Tell them how you feel about the plan to fence off green space in the jewel of Oakland and replace it with unmaintained bark chips and dust:

To find out whose City Council District you are in, pop your address into this map.

To contact your City Councillor, use these email addresses, or pick up the phone to them.
Mayor: Jean Quan (510) 238-3141

District 1: Jane Brunner (510) 238-7001

District 2: Pat Kernighan (510) 238-7002

District 3: Nancy Nadel (510) 238-7003

District 4: Libby Schaff (510) 238-7004

District 5: Ignacio De La Fuente (510) 238-7005

District 6: Desley Brooks (510) 238-7006

District 7: Larry Reid (510) 238-7007

Council Member At Large: Rebecca Kaplan (510) 238-7008

President Life Enrichment Committee: Jane Brunner (510) 238-7001

3. Come to the City Council Meeting, probably the one on July 17th at 5:30pm. If you want, pick up a Speaker Card, fill it in with your name and hand it in at the front. You will have a minute or two to state your opinion. Even if you do not intend to speak, please come and show you care.