The waste collection system proposed for the dog run

The dog run planners have made efforts to come up with a plan to contain the odors of dog feces at Astro Park. Unfortunately the Council doesn't have budget to pick up the feces any more often than every 6-8 weeks. So that's how long feces would stay at the dog run, before collection. The waste receptacles into which users of the dog run would put these feces would be located close to the gates of the facility, near the sidewalk on Lakeshore Ave, on the tot lot side of the dog run.

We have been unable so far to ascertain the make and model of the waste receptacles proposed for use here. We do not know what the long-term durability of the system is, or whether indeed it has been in use anywhere for the many decades needed to prove the durability needed at this location with this budget. We certainly hope that if this system were to go in, we would be far, far away on any of the occasions on which the Public Works truck came to pump out or otherwise remove the feces from the containers. If there were, in the future, to be leakage, either underground or above ground, we do not know how difficult it would be to fix a leak.

This waste collection system would unfortunately have no impact whatever on acidification of the ground caused by dog urine, or on odors from urine or from partially or wholly uncollected piles of dog feces.

ODOG issued this news release on Saturday March 19th 2011, and gave specific permission to reproduce it here.

"Lakeview Dog Play Area Uses State-of-the-art Waste Disposal System


The proposed Lakeview Dog Play Area is using the state-of-the-art sealed waste receptacle required by Oakland Public Works for both its odor retention and ADA compliance. Unlike the unsanitary and open waste receptacles that may be used elsewhere, Oakland is using this system for all of its official off-leash fenced dog play areas ("dog parks.")


Gone are the open waste containers found at some dog parks, this system allows the city to save valuable time while providing a secure double-locked system convenient to use by the park users.   The containers are located 25-feet from the public sidewalk.


Lakeview Dog Park uses a well accepted and proven odor-prevention system the Oakland Public Works requires and has successfully installed at other Oakland dog parks.  This system is a sealed container.  At the Jefferson Park (see photo) the waste receptacle is installed out of the actual dog play area, and in the public walkway - in the middle of the park. 


For the Lakeview park dog play area, the two receptacles are to be installed at the end of a driveway - for easy pickup as required by the Oakland Public Works Department - and inside each park for easy access by dog play users.


To reduce Oakland Public Works overhead and maintenance costs, the OPW schedules pickups at about 6+ week intervals.   The city has invested in a special truck to facilitate this.  This system has been accepted by all city agencies


The system meets and complies the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


Picture - Installed at Oakland's newest dog play areas at the downtown Jefferson Park, the waste-container system is located out in the middle of the park accessible to both dog play area and other park users.


Jefferson Park, Oakland - Showing city approved state-of-the-art Waste Receptacle system (right of bulletin board) installed outside dog play area for use by dog visitors or general public. This system is now used at fenced off-leashed dog parks."