Stewardship agreement

We obtained an updated copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Oakland, Office of Parks and Recreation, Public Works Agency and Lakeview Park Dog Owner Group (LPDOG), which describes the "Stewardship agreement" for maintenance of the park.

You can find it reproduced in full below. It's not very long.

Notably, there are no funds set aside to rehabilitate the park should its maintenance or other performance be found lacking at any check-in point..
It also does not describe any party as taking responsibility for the fence itself, if it should become damaged or undermined by enthusiastic digging activities.
Nor does it describe any treatment of the ground for odor control and acid management.

We were unable to find any information showing the officers responsible for LPDOG, nor how new officers would be elected or appointed by its members in the case that an existing officer might move away or retire.

Remember in the words of the Lake Merritt Master Plan document "Maintenance" Section, "Public comment throughout the LMMP's process indicated a high level of enthusiasm for improved maintenance practices- funding, operations, skill levels, etc.  It was well understood that the current level of degradation in the park is mostly attributed to lack of proper maintenance.  The public was critical of potential, future funding sortages [sic] after improvements are made.”
Grace Popple,
Dec 15, 2012, 1:30 PM