Details of the Astro/Eastshore dog run plan

  • Chain link fence, separate areas for large and small dogs
  • In-ground trash receptacles, emptied by the city once every 6-8 weeks (data from Leal Charonnat, Architect)
  • Permanent concrete hardstanding at entranceway off Lakeshore, with access for utility vehicles
  • Concrete band in the ground all around the fence line
  • Covered in bark chips (to be replenished at city expense once or twice a year) (unclear whether existing sod will be scraped off for deployment elsewhere, or just buried and killed that way)
  • Volunteer maintenance model, with penalty-free stewardship agreement (we have the full document there).
Attached is the detailed layout plan for the fencing. The fencing will be 4ft high and will have "vines" planted at intervals around it. At this stage, we don't know which "vines", how fast they grow, if or when they flower and for how long, and how hardy/long-lived they are (there is some annotation on the plan but it's too small for us to read! Come to our Facebook page and share if you have found a plaintext description or have better eyesight!).

Also see the full proposal presented to the Oakland Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission in December 2010, reproduced directly here or available within the agenda document attached below (scroll past the content about trees elsewhere in Oakland).

Here is a summary of our position regarding the dog park proposed at the corner of MacArthur and Lakeshore